Marcy P. Willis

As a New Orleans abstract artist, I constantly strive to create uplifting, ethereal pieces that bring joy to the homes in which my paintings live in. What started as a pastime to lift my spirits in a time of turbulence, quickly became a passion and grew into a business. I pour my heart into each unique piece I create, and my hope is that my pieces bring moments of peace, calm, and happiness to your homes and to the observer. Color is a true inspiration in everything I do- I think it brings a sense of calm and clarity. Above all, it brings me happiness to paint in any color palette- whether dark, light, strong, or soft, as colors bring absolute life to a space.

My recognized use of straight lines and shapes, along with the juxtaposition of blurred, free forming paint are meant to marry the balance between what we can control and what is wonderfully out of our control- and how combining the two, in turn, makes our life beautiful and unexpected. The rectangular and square shapes intertwined throughout my pieces represent the strong, unbreakable bond we share with important individuals throughout the course of our lives. Small hidden meanings in the details I paint is what makes my art truly special to me and to my collectors. 

I hope the emotions evoked from my paintings will be reflected in your home, become an extension of your life and loved ones, and that you will love your Marcy P. Willis piece each time you walk by it.